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plus special guests

Thursday 16th November

Doors 7.30pm

Cargo, 83 Rivington St, London, EC2A 3AY Tel 020 7739 3440

Advance tickets ?8.50 from: Tel: 08700 600 100 Tel: 08701 201 149 and Rough Trade, Covent Garden, London Tel: 0207 240 0105

Unique canadian electronic pop digital disco outfit JUNIOR BOYS promote
their new album ‘so this goodbye’ out at the end of September on Domino
with a live set that sees them pay homage to kraftwerk, scritti
politti, and ‘violator’-era depeche mode as they blend synth-pop with a
melodic slice of electro and live drums.

‘…suggest talk talk produced by timbaland…. junior boys’ spectral
vision of electronic pop is an understated, unpredictable delight. THE

‘junior boys blenderize the long-underground sound of electro with the
overground sound of me decade bands such as talk talk — the end result
is something fresh.’ ROLLING STONE

‘its heights eclipse virtually all other music this year.’ PITCHFORK 8.9/10

“both ‘birthday’ and ‘last exit’ pair quaint synthpop arpeggios with
irregular rhythms more suggestive of contemporary r&b; the array of
wiry analog tones highlights greenspan’s shadowy voice as though
illuminating him in profile.” THE WIRE

plus special guests

Tuesday 31 October
Doors 7.30pm

Bush Hall, 310 Uxbridge Road, London W6 020 8222 6955

Tickets ?8.50 from: Tel: 08700 600 100
Tel: 0870 060 3777

BAT FOR LASHES create an
intimate, cinematic world, reminiscent of the nocturnal wanderings of
Kate Bush and the heartfelt prayers of Cat Power. Natasha composes
songs that rise out of a dark, heartbreak wilderness and take you on a
journey in to the light. Taking influence from 70′s film soundtracks,
weather phenomena, childhood Halloween parties and a David Lynchian
vision of suburbia, they occupy the tenebrous space between innocence
and a loss of innocence and come straight from the storyteller’s heart.

Tonight she plays material from her critically acclaimed debut album
Fur and Gold with a live set as she delivers majestic vocal howls,
whispers and hiccups to a backdrop of soaring strings, esoteric folk
instruments, distorted guitar, bass rumbles and thunder-clap drums.
There are also interludes of exquisite heartbreak ? the piano ballad
?Sad Eyes? has on more than one occasion left audience members in tears.

?a neverending story of fantastic dreams and heartbreaking reality? the
chapters unfold with a sense of wonder and slow, powerfully evoked drama?
Bat For Lashes inhabit a magical kingdom you won?t want to leave? 5/5 The Guardian

?Bat For Lashes has clearly and equivocally her own voice? entrancing. One
of the year?s most exciting debuts? Music Week

?reinvent Siouxsie/Kate Bush/Bjork mystical sex, musical travelogue and
poetic dreamstate for the contemporary singer-songwriter milieu. The results
are nothing short of breathtaking? 4/5 Observer Music Monthly

?gentility laced with exotic-eccentricity? genuinely affecting? Mojo

?the imagery is uncompromisingly disturbing and anti-arcadian? one of the
most stupendous, haunting debuts in ages? Sunday Times

?a fine way with arcane drama? an astonishing debut? 9/10 Rocksound

?Khan manages to come across as earthy and funny as well as ethereal and
lovelorn, and this impressive record?s animal magnetism strengthens with
every play? The Observer

“an album so laden with mystic portents and pagan symbolism it could have
been used as the soundtrack to the remake of The Wicker Man… an intriguing
palette of sonic strategies on the cusp between folk and the avant-garde”
4/5 The Independent

?there?s something unique on this debut. Her voice floats over electronics,
handclaps, piano and autoharp, while her mystically-shaped lyrics feature
weeping seals and ghostly horses? otherworldly? Q

?feels like stepping into a magical world? remarkable songs? Daily Telegraph

?casts a rich sonic spell, mixing one part distilled desire to one part each
of Hanner house of autoharp, cob-webbed piano, mytical electronics? it just
about transports you? Independent Information

?Tim Burton flavoured chamber-pop? Sunday Telegraph

?a divinely phantasmagoric affair packed with elemental images both
beauteous and beastly? to listen to Bat For Lashes is to be pulled into some
exotic otherworld ? a place sometimes dark and disturbing, at others sweetly
exultant. Expect magic? Time Out


JAMES YORKSTON and The Athletes

Tuesday 12 September with ABSENTEE, FIONN REGAN
Wednesday 13 September with FIONN REGAN
Doors 7.30pm

The Borderline, Orange Yard, Manette Street, London, W1 020 7734 5547

Tickets ?10.50 Tel: 08700 600 100 08701 201 149 and Rough Trade, Covent Garden, London Tel: 0207 240 0105l

JAMES YORKSTON is a singer / songwriter in the best folksy tradition,
weaving together a seemingly effortless mix of sweet melodies, haunting
lyrics, irrelevant humour and the odd blast of harmonica. Tonight sees
James play a full band show to promote his brand new album ‘The Year Of
The Leopard’ was produced by former Talk Talk member Paul Webb
and out on Domino Records in late September.

“Yorkston entrances and beguiles – finger-picked guitar, accordion,
mandolin, whistles, pipes and sampled sounds all build into a
breath-on-glass blur of love and swoon.” (Mojo)

ABSENTEE play a live set that sees them mix poignant Smog like melodies
with Bonnie Prince Billy’s quirkyness with the gnarled drawl of
say Tom Waits. Absentee have songs better than either of their
mope-rock peers have written in years, being friends with The Magic

“these songs make each hair on the back of the neck shiver like leaves in the wind.” Five Stars NME

“fabulous songs, streaked through with dark humour and drunken
warmth…perhaps the best of the new London hopefuls”. Record Collector

“wonderful, sordidly warm alt rok” Rocksound

Dublin born FIONN REGAN is an extraordinarily talented young artist
perhaps destined to be regarded as one of most unique voices of his
generation. A few listens to his debut album The End of History out
August 7th on Bella Union should be enough to affirm this proclamation,
for he has mapped out an artistic vision that is distinctly his own.
Anyone who hears this record or has witnessed one of Fionn’s
impassioned live performances will know that he is a truly magical
presence and a vocal talent with incredible versatility and range.

“A beguiling amalgam of Jackson C. Frank, Paul Simon and Mark
Kozalek… fluid finger-picked cadences… outrageously melodic… and
startling maturity and originality.” MOJO 4/4