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Friday 29 February
Doors 8pm

Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens st, Angel, London, EC1V 020 7837 6419

Based on Eel Pie Island, the Bohemian stronghold in the middle of the Thames at Twickenham, the Mystery Jets embody British pop at its most invigoratingly weird. Already, previous singles Zoo Time, You Cant Fool Me Dennis, On My Feet and Alas Agnes have seemed like dispatches from some starry-eyed parallel universe. A universe where Syd Barrett never dropped out but played on with Einzurstende Neubauten, where the irresistible pop of Dexys can happily co-exist with the Krautrock explorations of Can, and where the most forbidding musical forms of the past, like prog rock, are gleefully reinvented in the smash-and-grab spirit of the present.

A music project conducted by Edward Larrikin, THE PAN I AM combine fluid spoken word, doom stomp beats, screeching guitars, spine shattering violins, and bowel destroying basslines. Expect brooding fairytales and Armageddon chants.
"…more than just music – its an epiphany…." – NME

Plus guests

Tickets £11.50 advance from:
08700 600 100
0870 264 3333

Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy will be curating the Maximum Black Festival in London, Berlin and Vienna in February/March 2008 supported, strangely, by the Vienna Public Utilities company.

Vienna Public Utilties approached Final Fantasy in the hope of using their track "This is the song of Win & Regine" for their ad campaign. When Pallet turned them down, the company approached another band and asked them to record a similar song that ended up as a nearly identical cover, which the company then used.

Pallet used the threat of legal action to twist the company's arm into backing his festival, Maximum Black, to be held at the Forum, London on 29th of February.

Tickets £16 advance from