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After their own headline sold out show at the 100 Club, we are delighted to announce HOLY FUCK have been added to the bill for BLONDE REDHEAD.

'Taking their name from a song by New York No Wave artists DNA, BLONDE REDHEAD began playing and rehearsing in New York in the early 1990s, drawing inspiration from the city's squalling underground scene, from movie soundtracks, everywhere they could.

From their first combustive, dissonant record produced by Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) to the hypnotic, rapturous songwriting of self-produced 23 the band have created an impressive 7 albums. Their live sets see them combining spare otherworldliness and bittersweet tension as they deliver blurred strings, magical chimes, dark guitar washes, multidimensional rhythms and rich bass lines, think somewhere between Serge Gainsbourg and The Cocteau Twins meets My Bloody Valentine.

HOLY FUCK are a modern electronic dance act who eschew modern technology. Their lo-tech battery operated keyboards and toys, manipulated and distorted, create live frenetic energy, with pop and techno classics harnessing the element of surprise and earning critical acclaim.

DEVASTATIONS have been praised for their gothic detailing and subtle use of instrumental colouration (harmonium, optigan, rhythm box, keyboards, strings, et. al). The band earned a reputation as well-refined miserablists and classic-minded balladeers, specialists in the sub-genre known as orch-pop.

Plus special guests
Thursday 29 May
Doors 7:30pm

Please note a VENUE CHANGE
ULU, Manning Hall, Malet Street, London, WC1 020 7344 4444


Tickets £12.50 advance from:
08700 600 100

Skewed rock idols Silver Jews return to play new material

Mainstay Berman, (who founded Silver Jews with Pavement's Stephen Malkmus and Bob Nastanovich in 1990), has promised a live extravaganza in the wake of last year's excellent Tanglewood Numbers album (the band's sixth – it featured 'honorary Jews' Will Oldham, Lambchop's Tony Crow and ex-member Malkmus amongst others). As one might expect from the self-proclaimed 'dumbfounding psyche-theistic humanist hawk-rockers', this will be no everyday gig…

"The Scala show was… Utterly thrilling: a 17-song set that ranged blissfully across the entire back catalogue, punctuated with engaging banter from the frontman and, in honour of old times perhaps, a dirty joke. It was practically a blueprint for live shows; anyone would have thought Berman had been at this for years." 4/5 The Guardian

"When the lead singer burst on to stage, we weren't really sure it was the lead singer. It could've been some fan. Or, I don't know, a vagrant. Within 30 seconds he had leapt the security fence and into the audience, where he spent most of the performance. I don't think I've spent that much time looking behind me at a show. They pulled down the drums, the guitar, and everything came into the audience. We all played till the end."

"Since the times that Fugazi, Unwound, and Les Savy Fav have left me speechless from their sonic force and physical fearlessness, I have not been as floored by a band as I was watching this bass-less trio unfold." – Seattle Weekly



CARIBOU, otherwise known as the composer of euphoric, dazzlingly beautiful electronic music, Dan Snaith, and band play their biggest headline show to date as they deliver their own mix of glowing pop psychedelia... Realising how trivial and derivative most mainstream pop songs are, Snaith became obsessed with writing a melody that was both distinctive, ecstatic yet cannily familiar. It sets the tone on his rousing recent album 'Andorra'.

Their live set sees them deliver carnival-esque whirl of ridiculous melodies, effusive noise, stampeding beats alongside furiously harmonised vocals. Two drummers, visuals and whirling guitars and keyboards create a claustrophobic, mesmeric soundscape akin to My Bloody Valentine and the sprawling, bucolic tour de force, like early Mercury Rev on magic mushrooms…

“A Truly cherished item from the moment you put it on…a perfect slice of bedroom psychedilia from someone for whom, melody and emotion are ten times as important as collectible obscurity” NME 8/10
Praise for Andorra:
"Snaith has managed to create a record alive with ecstasy and fragility. A bittersweet delight" The Observer
"Superb" 4.5/5 DJ Magazine
"In filmic terms, it's the full 70mm" 4/5 The Independent
"These are luscious, sparkling songs that give up more with every listen" 4/5 Mixmag
"Just call it Andorra-ble" 4/5 The Mirror
"Breathtaking, spine-tingling majesty" 4/5 Mojo
"The sound of the summer" 8/10 NME
"Andorra conjures up a magical realm" 4/5 Observer Music Monthly
"A multi-layered, exuberant rush of an album. Hear it and marvel" 4.5/5 The Sun
"4/5" The Times
"Full of lush instrumentation and nostalgic yearnings. Andorra is indeed the promised land" Word Magazine
Recently signed to Warp records BORN RUFFIANS, Ontario Hills based three piece deliver their unique energetic live set of songs that will make you want to bang your head to, shake your fist to and dance along to… with its disco interlocking guitars and gorgeous vocal harmonies, Prince like funk and pounding huge beats…

Swedish duo WILDBIRDS & PEACEDRUMS consisting of singer and percussionist whose twist on the basic White Stripes-style set-up comes down like a freak-folkish poetry recital in a cider mill. While she could easily pass for a Devendra Banhart in drag, Marian's amazing voice displays the world wary soul of Cat Power, Joni Mitchell's jazz range and a pinch of Brigitte Bardot 60s Euro-sophistication.