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STEPHEN MALKMUS AND THE JICKS play a live set at Shepherds Bush Empire on Thursday 5 June to promote his fourth solo record 'Real Emotional Trash' out on Domino Records.

"Real Emotional Trash is a fantastic psychedelic feast, full of cosmic guitar crackle and electric piano and batshit poetry. It's the album Malkmus has been driving at ever since he learned how to rip off the Velvet Underground and Quicksilver Messenger Service at the same time…downright glorious." 4 and a half out of 5 – Rolling Stone

The Jicks line-up now includes Sleater Kinney and Quasi drummer Janet Weiss

It seems like there are more and more lists. Just as the heart worn ramshackle sound they created appears in the charts and tip sheets via Modest Mouse, Blitzen Trapper and Los Campesinos! Pavement have started to appear around the top of a lot of these lists as their influence lingers and solidifies. Far more exciting, especially in the here and now, is the fact Stephen Malkmus' new album is amongst the most sparkling and mercurial music he has ever made.

Real Emotional Trash marks a departure – for the first time Malkmus has a band behind him whose chops and intuitive ability to run off a cliff in search of a chord progression matches his own. Janet Weiss, whose backing vocals illuminate a lot of these songs, is a drumming sensation. Along with bassist Joanna Bolme she forms a rhythm section whose sassiness is matched only by its heaviness and wig-out confidence; and having clicked, the Jicks really know how to cut loose.

There is a finessed jam feel at work in these tracks. Hopscotch Willie lunges hypnotically. Elmo Delmo suggests new definitions of the term headbanger.
At over ten minutes, the title track echoes such epic jams as Fairport's A Sailor's Life, Marquee Moon and Quicksilver Messenger Service's Happy Trails. It also
highlights Malkmus' ability to effortlessly turn his guitar into a splintering neon saw one minute, a silver chooglin' riff monster the next. Whatever else is happening in Portland, Oregon they should build a glass-domed psychedelic ballroom in the near future.
R E T, like a lot of great records, maps out its own wide open space and pushes itself around, shifts in different directions and changes its shape – a group locked together in the same psychic environment.

Scattered across the tracks are snatches of Malkmus' trademark head-scratching insights: Cold Son finds the protagonist feeling "like a nympho stuck in a cloister". The title track's recollection that "down in Sausalito we had clams and dessert / you spilt chardonnay on your gypsy skirt" maintains the eye for social detail that suggest,
had he been born a few generations earlier, Malkmus would have traded baseball cards and peyote tips with Terry Southern and John Updike.

When headlining the closing night of The Green Man Festival in 2007 Malkmus and the Jicks' set drew heavily on R E T. The songs sounded blasted and psychedelically modern. What a rush that in their recorded state they are even more intuitive, starlit and stretched.

THE CRIBS have been asked by their good friends STEPHEN MALKMUS AND THE JICKS to return to their days of the 'secret show', and will play a special 'b-sides only' set for the first time ever.

WILD BEASTS – Intelligent, quirky, offbeat, original and incredibly catchy pop music, a childlike pick-me-up of purity and nightly neediness. Their big-boned bare-fleshed beauty spreads from the soppy, to the silly, to the sexy, in one tender motion.

Assembly, Wild Beasts' debut release on Domino "is an absolutely joyous non-stop knee jerk expression of everything and anything forced through in a fully breached frenzy lasting less than three minutes. Like the traditional school hymn projected ten foot tall on the cement wall, but belted out bugger drunk in a backward Bethlehem"

plus special guests

Tickets from:
0844 477 2000
0870 264 3333

Laura Marling will be joining Adem at the Union Chapel this Sunday.

An alt.folk star in the ascendant whose striking melodies and wise-beyond-her-years vocals could melt even the iciest of hearts, LAURA MARLING muddles the strength of Regina Spektor with the intelligence of Carole King and the acoustic lushness of Joni Mitchell. She began playing the guitar at the age of three, first being taught the blues by her father in front of the family fire, and has been in thrall to the songs and lyrics of the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, James Taylor and John Mayall ever since.

Union Chapel Compton Terrace,
London N1 2UN 020 7226 1686

Sunday 25 May

Tickets £11.50 (advance) from:  08700 600 100  0870 264 3333

ADEM delivers a marvellously accessible mosaic of sound as he mixes clicks, hums, harps, parps, belles’n’whistles with intimate and heartfelt songs that recall Nick Drake or Spirit of Eden –era Talk Talk.

Tonight’s show will see Adem perform material from his new album of covers, within the beautiful acoustics of the Union Chapel.


Union Chapel Compton Terrace,
 London N1 2UN 020 7226 1686

Monday 25 May
7pm 08700 600 100 0870 264 3333

Eat Your Own Ears presents

Thursday 15 May
Doors 7.30pm

Scala, 275 Pentonville Road, King´s Cross, London N1 9NL, Tel: 0207 833 2022
Tickets £11.50 advance from:
0844 477 2000
0870 264 3333

CARIBOU, otherwise known as the composer of euphoric, dazzlingly beautiful electronic music, Dan Snaith, and band play their biggest headline show to date as they deliver their own mix of glowing pop psychedelia…  Realising how trivial and derivative most mainstream pop songs are, Snaith became obsessed with writing a melody that was both distinctive, ecstatic yet cannily familiar. It sets the tone on his rousing recent album 'Andorra'.

Their live set sees them deliver carnival-esque whirl of ridiculous melodies, effusive noise, stampeding beats alongside furiously harmonised vocals. Two drummers, visuals and whirling guitars and keyboards create a claustrophobic, mesmeric soundscape akin to My Bloody Valentine and the sprawling, bucolic tour de force, like early Mercury Rev on magic mushrooms…

A Truly cherished item from the moment you put it on…a perfect slice of bedroom psychedilia from someone for whom, melody and emotion are ten times as important as collectible obscurity” NME 8/10

Praise for Andorra:

"Snaith has managed to create a record alive with ecstasy and fragility. A bittersweet delight" The Observer
"Superb" 4.5/5 DJ Magazine
"In filmic terms, it's the full 70mm" 4/5 The Independent
"These are luscious, sparkling songs that give up more with every listen" 4/5 Mixmag
"Just call it Andorra-ble" 4/5 The Mirror
"Breathtaking, spine-tingling majesty" 4/5 Mojo
"The sound of the summer" 8/10 NME
"Andorra conjures up a magical realm" 4/5 Observer Music Monthly
"A multi-layered, exuberant rush of an album. Hear it and marvel" 4.5/5 The Sun
"4/5" The Times
"Full of lush instrumentation and nostalgic yearnings. Andorra is indeed the promised land" Word Magazine

Recently signed to Warp records BORN RUFFIANS, Ontario Hills based three piece deliver their unique energetic live set of songs that will make you want to bang your head to, shake your fist to and dance along to… with its disco interlocking guitars and gorgeous vocal harmonies, Prince like funk and pounding huge beats…

Swedish duo WILDBIRDS & PEACEDRUMS consisting of singer and percussionist whose twist on the basic White Stripes-style set-up comes down like a freak-folkish poetry recital in a cider mill. While she could easily pass for a Devendra Banhart in drag, Marian's amazing voice displays the world wary soul of Cat Power, Joni Mitchell's jazz range and a pinch of Brigitte Bardot 60s Euro-sophistication.