S.C.U.M. YouTube Mixtape

Ahead of their show at Bishopsgate Institute we roped Sammy Seven from S.C.U.M in for one of our YouTube mixes. The bands wealth of influence and taste comes across strongly in this video-list and SS dips his toes in a load of stuff we hadn’t come across before. A real treat. Take a look above and read the explanations below…

Kill - Amazing soundtrack by Berto Pisano, we used one of the tracks from it for a recent series of playlists we put together on our website. I love this scene, it seems so out of character for James Mason, drug dealers doing somersaults in suits with a hairy soundtrack.

Fuego en Castilla - This was shown to me by a friend of ours who has conducted film nights around london for a few years called Stanley Schtinter. He was showing a series of shorts by Jose Val Del Omar, this one really stuck out for me. Religious iconography aside, all aspects of this piece of film are stunning. The sound that accompanies the images is fantastic.

Prey - I’ve recently become quite interested in the Vampix video label; they put out a lot of horror films that would later be banned in the U.K. I bought this one recently and really loved it. Again, the music that accompanies it is brilliant, filthy synthesizer drones. The story line is pretty laughable but it still managed to scare the shit out of me.

Jean Claude Vannier - For the band, Jean Claude Vannier is one of our biggest influences. The fact this footage exists at all is incredible. It’s his collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent, when amazing fashion, music and art all intertwine.

Church going  - Any footage of John Betjeman is always really fascinating and to see him with philip larkin talking about their writing and in particular Larkins ‘church going’ is brilliant. A lost side to britain which is so nice to see captured on film.

Main Booka - R.d Burman is a prolific bollywood composer who has made some incredible records over the years. Its very silly but i love it.

Don - Again the soundtrack…

Solar flares burn for you - Essentially a short road movie, i saw this the first time i visited the bfi mediatheque on the south bank, it was part of a series of short films about ‘psychedelic london’ or something like that. Robert wyatt wrote and realeased the soundtrack for this, another great piece of electronic composition. A really great piece of film.

Townes Van Sandt - S.c.u.m went through a massive american country and folk patch at the time we were touring again into eyes and i fell in love with this film. Heartworn highway is a look at the resurgence in country music among the second generation of recording artists in the south in the seventies. The piece of footage stands out towers above the rest, a beautiful performance and a great track.

R. Crumb - One of my favorite r crumb sketches.