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We’re super excited to announce that Here We Go Magic will be at Electrowerkz on 1st September!

Tickets are available now. Grab yours HERE

Great performance on WFUV from Here We Go Magic recently. They play a hypnotic version of Make Up Your Mind calling to mind memories of their two brilliant shows with us this year. Some of 2012’s best for sure.

Love this one from Here We Go Magic. They are back in town next week, October 30th. Don’t miss out.

Like it or not Autumn is looming. You can feel it in the air and see it in the encroaching dark nights. One piece of good news with the change in season is that the live music schedule kicks up a gear. We’re very busy indeed over the coming months and we’ve put together a handy playlist to throw on and see what takes your fancy. We have shows with each of these artists over the next three months, and you can see details over here.