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Here’s our selection of excellent shows this week that are cheaper than turning the heating on at home. Follow the links to download tickets.

Tuesday: Hundred Waters - Download Ticket

Hundred Waters have caused a bit of a stir stateside, earning an 8.1 review from Pitchfork for their eponymous debut record. Another one from the folkers is (strangely) soon to follow on Skrillex own label. They follow in Skrillex’s own footsteps by playing a show for us at the Shacklewell with Foxygen. Unmissable.

Tuesday: Paradise - Download Ticket

Blue Flower popped up on the internet recently and it’s swiftly becoming one of our favourite songs of the year. Paradise promise an awful lot for 2013 and if their debut single is anything to go by then they won’t be hanging around Dalston pubs much longer.

Wednesday: Pandr Eyez - Download Ticket

Quirky R&B and Pop music is the flavour of Wednesday as Pandr Eyez hit the Shacklewell Arms. They’re celebrating a single on Double Denim Records called Physical Education which picks over the best bits of Salt ‘N Pepa, M.I.A. and much more. Prep for the party season with a dance.

Pop duo Pandr Eyez are all set to play a free show for us on the 28th of November at Shacklewell Arms. Their song Again and Again has been a somewhat permenant fixture lately. Grab a free MP3 below AND a free ticket…

Again and Again MP3

Pandr Eyez Tickets