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Here’s a great YouTube playlist from Duologue ahead of their show with us on October 31st. They jump around a bit and pick out some superb stuff. Take a look above and read their comments below…

FLYING LOTUS - Putty Boy Strut
New album from Flying Lotus is out now. Excellent producer and amazing animation and videos

GRIZZLY BEAR - Ready, Able
We’ve all been listening to the new Grizzly Bear able on loop and whilst there don’t seem to be any new videos for Shields. I saw this whilst looking for them - love the animation.

DUOLOGUE - Underworld
This is the video for our new single which is a Double A-side with Zeroes. This was something we made ourselves with some friends on a tight budget and some great artwork from people who were keen to help. The video for Zeros will be coming out shortly.

DIE ANTWOORD - Fok Julle Naaiers
Just an ace video - pretty disturbing.

SIGUR ROS - Seraph
Back with a new album Valtari - this is a great project giving film makers a chance to just make videos to the tunes - there are a loads more videos here -

Sorry had to plug our own stuff too! This is a live recording we did of a song called Push It that is on our album coming out Feb 2013 - big lengthy but worth it I hope!

BRIAN ENO - Ascent
I was watching Chris Morris Blue JamĀ  the other day and this was on - I had forgotten just how beautiful a piece of music it is.

CLARK - The Pining pt1
This is of Iradelphic. I got into the album, Tim has been super keen on this track since he first heard it. However what tilted me was seeing him live the other day at Koko. I didn’t know what to expect but he was truly excellent - a totally different set and really unrivalled on his breadth of production.

RADIOHEAD - Staircase
A great live video for a tune that never made it to record. I dream of the day when I can turn around and order for a soundtech to “Bring out the Moog”. Great to see the two percussionists play live together.

It was all getting a bit emo. I have had this on repeat for the past few months. What a baseline, what a tune. A what a downright bizarre video?