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.Turn up early and there will be a limited number of tickets available
on the door from 7.30pm for the Battles show tonight at Lock 17
(Dingwalls) Camden Lock

TUNNG play a mesmerising mix of folky acoustics and
busy electronica, overlaying electronic crackles, gorgeous harmonies,
bewitching mantras and synthetic beats that are reminiscent of early
Beta Band, ‘The Wicker Man’ soundtrack and Four Tet.
“The vocals… float across a tapestry of acoustic sounds and burbling
electronica… There’s a hint of what we might call the “old, weird
England” of Powell and Pressburger, or Robert Wyatt, the static
electricity of crystal radio sets.” The Guardian

New York based and former Sparklehorse collaborator SOL SEPPY
delivers the most enchanting and bewitching live set of alluring
vocals, catchy guitar riffs to form a sound that swoops from the
celestial to the downright grungy, inhabiting a space between Hope
Sandoval and Bjork.

Cargo, 83 Rivington St, London, EC2A 3AY Tel 020 7739 3440
Tickets ?8.50 advance from: Tel: 08700 600 100 and Rough Trade, Covent Garden, London Tel: 0207 240 0105l


Wednesday 26th April

7.30 -11PM
?10 (08700 600 100) /

Mr Lif has become
perhaps the most touted lyricist in Boston Hip-Hop history” (Boston
Phoenix 12/1/00). Since his 1997 debut on Brick Records ‘Rebel Alliance
LP’, Mr. Lif has released numerous singles, an EP and a live album to
international critical acclaim. 1998′s “Elektro,” and 1999′s
“Triangular Warfare,” which featured B-side production from underground
kingpin El-P (then of Company Flow), introduced the world to Lif’s
infectious delivery and distinct voice. In the Fall of 1999 Lif hooked
up with the Beastie Boy’s Grand Royal Records for the release of his
third single “Farmhand” as part of the 12″ series Blow up Factor. The
year 2000 marked the release of Lif’s first EP ‘Enters the Colossus’ on
Definitive Jux Records, prefaced by the lead single “Front on This.”
This past year, Mr. Lif did what few hip-hop artists have ever tried to
do, he released a live album. Live at the Middle East brings to life
Mr. Lif’s incredible energy and ability, as he performs all the
classics, plus introduced three new songs to the masses.

Out of the
wreckage of a broken junk-bot, emerges unscathed, COOL CALM PETE. One
third of the underground outfit Babbletron, Calm Pete is the one whose
words come slower. The precision of slow flow may be lost on some, but
to the big brain females out there, here comes trouble. His new album,
Lost is going to ring bells like Bob James on the first four bars of
‘Mardi Gras’. DJ Support comes from DJ BIG WIZ.

Just to let you know there are plenty of tickets on the door for tonights Adventures in the Beetroot Feild event at Fabric

.After a sold out show at the Barbican as part of the Folk Britannia event ADEM
plays a headline show to promote his new album ‘Love and other planets’
out April 24th on Domino with a live set that sees him deliver a
marvellously accessible mosaic of sound as he mixes clicks, hums,
harps, parps, belles?n?whistles with intimate and heartfelt songs that
recall Nick Drake or Spirit of Eden ?era Talk Talk.

?Homesongs has a mystical, ethereal quality. It is fair to say you will hear nothing like this for some time.? 5/5 The Times

“Overwhemingly, this is an open, emotionally congruent record that
never tries to be clever and yet rarely seems dull. A generosity of
spirit pervades this lovely debut. There’s no doubt about it, Homesongs
is where the heart is”

AMINA the Icelandic female four-piece have graced the
albums and shows of Sigur Ros, augmenting Reykjavik’s most famous group
with modern string quartet backing. Tonight they play a live set of
graceful, ethereal compositions that are beautiful and engaging, on
violin, viola and cello as well as many malleted instruments, a
glassophone and various stringed instruments they picked up around the


BATTLES have sold out their own Dingwalls, Lock 17 April show and have
now been added to ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Astoria show on Thursday July 13th
details as follows

plus special guests

Thursday July 13th
Doors 6pm

Astoria, 157 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H OEN Tel 020 8963 0940

Advance tickets ?14.50 from: Tel: 08700 600 100 Tel: 0870 060 3777 and Rough Trade, Covent Garden,
London Tel: 0207 240 0105

After their sold out show at the Scala last November Brooklyn-based group ANIMAL COLLECTIVE bring their psychedelic melodic insanity to the Astoria on Thursday July 13th to promote their album “Feels” out now on Fat cat.

The four sonic adventurers deliver a live set that seems them weave
their luscious, multi-layered web around naive chants, arcane fragile
whispers and tribalistic drumming alongside deliciously skewed songs,
heartbreaking hooks and deep pop sensibilities from album
‘Feels’.  Its a kind of  “free-form folk pop” referencing The
Beach Boys performed by Syd Barrett, the loopy psychedelia of Devendra
Banhart or The Flaming Lips experiencing a mescaline
meltdown…!   But, crucially, it is Animal Collective?s
natural affinity with pop music that makes up the crux of their sound.
Whilst they may recall a wide array of past and present influences,
it?s without ever aping them or sounding retro. And most of all, in
whatever guise they assume, Animal Collective always manage to sound
like noone but themselves ? stunningly unique and resonating with a
deeply commited self-belief.

“Avant rock, toybox psychedelia and a touch of campfire new weirdness – Feels is their most accomplished work to date” The Wire

“If there’s one band capable of sowing wild seeds of imagination, it’s
this lot. Their rich, acoustic songs simultaneously melt your heart and
set it racing” The Guardian

“Cavorting as if around a bonfire, as if they’re seized by visions,
they rant and rave riddles or spells about life as an outsider in
modern America” Sunday Telegraph

BATTLES the avant-experimentalists and math rock super
group – including John Stanier on drums, originating from the legacy
that is Helmet, and still lending his skills to Mike Patton?s Tomahawk
and Australian powerhouse The Mark of Cain; Ian Williams guitarist/
keyboardist known for his distinctive guitar styling in cult band Don
Caballero; Dave Konopka, guitar and bass, previously in the underground
band Lynx and Tyondai Braxton, avant-garde solo musician (who recently
collaborated with Prefuse 73), here vox/ keyboardist/ guitar/
electronics play as main support.

Their live sets sees them concoct a mix of strident post-rock/ jazz/
hardcore and electronics, stunning crowds with mind boggling
poly-rhythmic sequences and complicated time signatures, hurtled at you
with sheer sonic velocity.
Too beat orientated to be dubbed ?post rock?, as vanguards Battles
stand on their own in the realm of contemporary music. Battles will
captivate you live with the dexterous competency of each member,
executing musical forms previously unattainable outside the sphere of
the electronic scene.
?Battles dismantle post rock, hip hop and serial music, only to
reassemble the pieces in the wrong order?with phrases zipping back and
forth across the listener?s consciousness, they reduce his or her brain
to a quivering joyful mush?. Plan B


plus guests

Tuesday April 25th
Doors 7pm


Wednesday April 26th
Doors 7pm

The Cobden Club, 170-172 Kensal Road, London, W10 5BN
Tel: 020 8960 4222 

After a sold out Scala show earlier this year Fence Collective founder
KING CREOSOTE plays two intimate shows on Tuesday April 25th and
Wednesday April 26th at The Cobden Club in support of his brilliant and
critically acclaimed album “KC Rules OK”.

KING CREOSOTE’s live show sees him bring together a
live band as he plays a set of extraordinarily touching, funny, sad,
poignant, heartbreaking and downright beautiful songs.

One of the loveliest albums we’ve heard all year – NME

KC slways casts himself as an outsider but on the basis of this wonderful record, it’s time he came in from the cold – Metro

Therapy for the ears – The Independent

Gorgeous songwriting - Sunday Times

Plus guests