Falle Nioke

Falle Nioke is from Guinea. He spent his 20s moving around West Africa playing as a musician, sometimes for food and shelter, singing in 8 different languages.

Since moving to the UK 5 years ago he has worked with many artists including Barry Can’t Swim, Ghost Culture, sir Was, Joe Goddard, Congo Natty, and Alabaster de Plume.

Known for his ability to bridge cultural gaps with his music, Falle draws influence from his early obsessions with Oumou Sangaré, Salif Keita and Bob Marley, melding together his African heritage with modern electronic production.

Press photo credit Neil R Thomson

Jane Paknia

“This song is about a powerful, hopeful, and ambiguous feeling of longing. I’m very fascinated by desire and what it does for us, what it means to have some person or lifestyle or creative power as a fantasy.”

NYC based musician and composer Jane Paknia arrives with the debut single, ‘Glimmers’, from her forthcoming EP ‘Orchid Underneath’ released by Eat Your Own Ears Recordings.

Paknia began her unique and alluring musical career learning classical piano at the age of four, taught to her by her Iranian grandmother, a rising star in the conservatory before leaving Iran. Untethered & unconstrained, Jane’s musical talent expanded to brass, playing in jazz ensembles, orchestras, and creating original, modern, big band compositions.

Having spent the last few years touring across the US and Europe as synth-keys player for the likes of Sarah Kinsley, Jane is now ready to launch into her own musical world.

Drawing influences from the likes of Floating Points, Caroline Polachek, and Flying Lotus, Paknia delivers a driving and energetic offering, combining a deep, traditional foundation of sound and composition with a euphoric, futuristic pop edge. Produced by Previn Edwards, ‘Glimmers’ is an intriguing glimpse into a new artist who feels destined to break barriers.


A poignant introduction to BLOODMOON’s sonic world, ‘Disarm’ sees Dougy master the emotive, electronic landscape of his adopted hometown of Berlin. Drawing on local influences such as Moderat, Frankey & Sandrino and Impérieux, the track sounds very much like a beautiful marriage of Dougy’s present and past, with lyrics that speak unconsciously to the bold transition he was making in his musical life. Swelling basslines and skipping drum patterns from Jono are paired with arresting lyrics by Dougy in a composition that sounds both intense and alluring. It came together as effortlessly as The Temper Trap’s signature hit Sweet Disposition, which has sold more than three million copies globally.

From the Indonesian kid who grew up in America, to the teen with the thick American accent at high school in Bali, and then one of the only Asian singers in Melbourne’s homogenous early-2000s indie rock scene, Dougy always felt like an outsider. He moved from London to his now-beloved home Berlin, and BLOODMOON was born. After a few life-changing experiences in the notorious club Berghain – he embraced the pulsating beats of his electronic passions.

With an abundance of fascinating stories and alternate perspectives, through BLOODMOON Dougy Mandagi hasn’t just found his latest musical iteration – he’s found himself.

“Sometimes I find when writing you throw your line in and patiently wait for a bite. This song however felt like a fish that just shot out of the water and landed in the boat. I’m always working on melodies and took this to Jono Ma who I’ve collaborated with on a number of tracks and I believe we’ve created something really fresh and special. Disarm came together so easily both musically and lyrically for me. It is deeply personal and came from the bottom swimming upwards until it finally broke through the surface.”