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plus special guests

Thursday 20th November
Doors 7pm
St Giles Church
60 St Giles High Street, London WC2H 8LG 

Tickets £15.50 available from 
0844 477 2000 
0870 264 3333

In a very special show ANDREW BIRD will present new material to a small, extremely lucky audience, in the intimate surrounds of St Giles church, well in advance of his new album's release in January.

Delivering mesmerizing live sets of utterly riveting songs that work their magic on their own believable terms, without a hint of cloying nostalgia or riff-fueled seduction, Bird plays strings, glockenspiel, wurlitzer and tape loops… 

Taking all the best parts of Jeff Buckley, Devendra Banhart and Rufus Wainwright, Bird can be noisy, charming, frivolous, haunting and playful all at once, with each song an adventure and, a mystery. -Billboard, 2/5/05

"Surely one of the albums of the year (yes, already), from super-talented Chicago songman/violonist/whistler Bird. To say he combines delicate with sweet, smooth folk rather dumbs down the subtlety of these mellifluous arrangements. He's an ace lyricist too ('my skin is white as parchment, drier than a downtown office building where the air is tight'). Think Buckley a little, Rufus Wainwright, a gently crooning Thom Yorke even. But the overall effect – well that's more like the soft magic of snowfall. Honest". Time Out

"His painterly reach suggests Mercury Rev's haunted Americana; more often, he recalls Rufus Wainwright, but without the sexual theatricality. Absorbing". The Observer 

 “It's got some of Arcade Fire's orchestral-rock charm, but without the big production and the angst – and a lot more whistling and songs about science”  New York Times

“Bird uses whistling, loops and spare instrumentation to create an atmospheric, multilayered sound that's melodic and rhythmic but also moody and delicate. Elegant, demanding and moving.” -Q Magazine 

plus special guests


THE RESEARCH a three piece from Wakefield with a gift for sunshine melodies play a tight live set of art-rock-pop as they mix minimalist guitars, punchy bass lines, swelling keyboards and pounding rhythms… Marrying memorable choruses with fuzzy casio keyboard riffs they have created a distinctive woozy sound that works as an eminently recognisable backdrop to their tales of love, both lost and gained. Imagine the emotional witterings of David Gedge or Darren Hayman but sitting over rumbling basslines and shambolic electro rhythms and you get the tear stained picture. The trick though is that whilst the lyrics veer from the deliriously happy to, more often, lower lip wobblingly sad, the music is almost uniformly upbeat and positive.

"They haven't been playing out so much on account of their troubles but all that is about to make a ch ch ch ch change. Sarah is moving back to Wakefield and THE RESEARCH will be born again and they will bring joy to all the creatures again and they will be mortally uncomplicated again and they will have wings and they will take you under them and show you how to disappear and then set you almost free. They are the same as ever, and yet, somehow, terribly different. HERE GOES NOTHING."

Support from Cardiff's THREATMANTICS rising Cardiff three piece with mind-blowing violins and electric strings. Formed in Cardiff in 2005, the band features brothers Heddwyn and Huw Davies, and Ceri Mitchell. They released their debut single, 'Don't Care', in April, recorded for BBC Radio 1, then took a short break so Huw could finish his degree. now done, dusted and duly educated, the band hope to spread their deranged pop songs beyond Wales.

Plus guests

Tickets from:
0870 264 3333
08700 600 100

Concrete and Glass will be transmitted as a two-part special on Channel 4 in three weeks time.


TIME / 19.30
TEL / 020 7344 4444


Midwestern band TILLY AND THE WALL consists of two dressed-down boys, two glamorous girls and one frenzied hoofer, the tutu-wearing Jamie Williams with pockets full of melodies sprang out of Nowheresville, USA, with a penchant for classic 60s pop, boy/girl harmonies and American folk records. They create jagged, elegant songs, and rejoice in tales of friendship, broken hearts, and youthful dreams and frustrations. Their sound is distinctive and classic at the same time. If you're looking for reference points somewhere between Rilo Kiley, Belle And Sebastian and Bright Eyes would be a good place to start. And the songs are as catchy as anything. Perfectly hummable after one listen. And likely to induce involuntary toe tapping. Talking of which – percussion on most tracks is provided by Julie's nimble-toed tap-dances! She's also been known to bang old leather suitcases with drumsticks…

"An optimistic celebration of self-destruction, unspoken longing and adolescent rebellion, it combines the whimsical spirit of the Polyphonic Spree with the melancholy of Kirsty MacColl." The Guardian

"One of the most wonderful things to come out of Nebraska since Kool-aid and that Bright Eyes Dude" NME


Boy-girl vocals cast from fore to aft, rallies of skiffling beat, a delicate turn and rousing chorus; the ebullient delights of SLOW CLUB. The Sheffield duo boast a brace of acclaimed singles under their belts and an eagerly anticipated album on the way on Moshi Moshi. Live as on record, Charles and Rebecca enrapture audiences with the same involuntary joy and simplistic rush that they themselves imbue. Charles with bruised vocal, a rasping guitar and disarming lightness of touch, casts unlikely wit against Rebecca's angelic vocal and cheeky turn of phrase, amid her wild array of percussive apparatus including wooden chairs, glass bottles, and spoons. These two are more than charming anti-folk troubadours or the lo-fi acoustic end of the Sheffield scene; they are the real thing, that spontaneous intangible 'thing' that comes jumping of records and crackling off the stage, hanging crystalline for fleeting moments to confound and intrigue.

Tickets from:
08700 600 100
0870 264 3333