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Here’s another making of videos from one of our favourite rappers of the year so far. The DELS album is a constant spinner in the hot weather we’ve been having and this nicely illuminates what it must have been like working with people like Joe Goddard and Roots Manuva on the record.

Brand new Horrors song. Need we say more? OK, it’s possibly The Horrors at their most accessible, a little bit of a more central step from their last album but no less visceral in a way. We love it.

Read about the fascinating idea behind Gwilym Gold’s new single via Laura Snapes.

Visit her excellent website here

Tomorrow (May 24) former Golden Silvers frontman Gwilym Gold releases his debut solo single, ‘Flesh Freeze’. This would be fairly commonplace were it not for two facts: firstly, that the song is excellent, a million miles away from his alma mater’s irritating, vaudevillian electro. Chilling piano chords weigh heavily, light drum pads flit throughout, and his voice rings with ghostly softness, chattering softly about disbelief in almost rap-like intonation as if he has to get the words out quickly so that we might all be saved in time. The problem is, the message is jumbled, leading to the second fact: you will never hear this song twice – not the order of the lyrics, nor the introduction, nor the beat or the light sparkle that dances around Gold’s voice.

‘Flesh Freeze’ isn’t being released physically, as an MP3, or that revived nostalgic frippery, the cassette. Together with producer Lexxx (Wild Beasts, Björk) and a team of scientists from Goldsmiths University led by Dr Mick Grierson, Gwilym Gold invented Bronze, “a new format for recorded music, in which the recorded material is transfigured to producer a unique version on each listening.”

From tomorrow, you’ll be able to download the Mac desktop version of the single – from NME.COM as well as other websites – and in the coming weeks, it’ll be available for PCs, smartphones and the iPod Touch. Just to clarify: it’s not an app. The format and the song are inextricable; the format is the song. As far as its inventors and a detailed search on Google are concerned, it’s the first of its kind. RjDj created “reactive music experiences”, taking albums by artists like Little Boots and remixing them according to your ambient surroundings. Bronze, however, requires no outside stimulation.

Very excited to be hosting what is probably Metronomy’s biggest date so far at the famous Royal Albert Hall!

This one is out now and you can preview some songs over at their rather fancy website:


Tomorrow night at Electrowerkz: NIKI AND THE DOVE + SEAMS + I AM A CAMERA

Very excited about this event in London tommorow. Lots of great labels from XL, Mute and Domino selling stuff alongside some EYOE/Field Day faves like Moshi Moshi, Double Denim and Transparent.

Head down and pick up some very rare and exclusive stuff and support the independent music industry in the UK and as if that isn’t enough then we will have some Field Day tickets onsale at the Rough Trade stall too!

We always look for something a bit fun to kick off the day on a Friday but today fun found us - in the form of a Chilly Gonzales Video Medley. Anybody who has ever wanted to see Chilly rap over footage of Sharks, act as the US President or play bongos for a lion-woman then please, don’t delay on watching the video above.