Zulu Winter YouTube Mixtape

Watching Zulu Winter’s rapid rise over the past 6 months has been exciting. The band first started to turn heads with their own blog - believe it or not - with none of their own music posted initially. Instead they wrote about obscure Czech films, rare records and all sorts of other off-the-beaten path stuff. The logic behind the buzz was: this band have superb taste, their music must be brilliant. It was a logical leap that paid off. Their music is informed by this wealth of good taste they possess but struts in pop land too with some huge hooks all over debut record “Language”. Field Day caught up with the band recently and asked them to hark back to their beginnings, making them a YouTube mixtape. Here it is…

Zulu Winter play for us at Boston Arms on 17th May.

Captain Beefheart Interview on Band Stand

The Captain terrorises another woman! No one will ever know what he says to her when the track’s playing but apparently she was later seen running around a wood naked whilst barking like a chiuaua… Dom

Eskaton - Dagon

This is a song from a French group off a psych funk collection put out by World Psychedelic Funk Classics. The way it builds and then explodes at the end is astonishing. Henry

Holy Fuck remix of Nude

Holy Fuck are one of the most inspiring live bands around and their show at the Breeders ATP was well in my top 5 gigs. I was very pleased to stumble across this clip and it was exciting for me to listen to one of my favourite artists remix another of my favourite artist’s. I’m also particularly fond of it as it brings a very typical Holy Fuck sound to the track and offers something very different to your standard software/heavily computerised remix. Guy

Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened

One of my favourite groups at the moment. I’ve listened to them a few times over the years and it’s never really made the mark I thought it would. That’s all changed now… Henry

A puppet play by author Mila Kolarova

Watching theatre on screen never quite does it justice and this clip also takes a while to get going. If you can sit through a fairly slow start then it’s very amusing and clever little scene. I’d love to actually see it done live - I’ll be keeping an eye for any London trip the company might be doing. I can imagine it’s the sort thing that would be great stumble across in the early hours at a festival. Guy

Warm Dust - Blood Of My Father

A British ‘progressive jazz rock band’ so says Wikipedia… Don’t let that put you off. This is off the album Peace Of Our Times and has been getting some heavy rotation over the last 6 months. Henry

Wolf People - Tiny Circle

Beard in the wind! Will

Caribou Vibration Ensemble Featuring Marshall Allen - Everytime She Turns Round It’s Her Birthday

Guy (the drummer) will probably choke when reading this but I think I possible enjoyed their live album more than Odessa… Maybe it’s just because it was a bit of a change but still very much Dan Snaith. I brilliant live record. Henry

The Power of Music - Jack Leroy Tueller

I came across this randomly one day whilst bored and looking at a video website called and was amazed by the balls of the bloke. It serves as a good reminder of what can be achieved by music, and how getting the right tone or note is not always something thats thought of but often comes straight from the heart. Iain

Polica - Wandering Star

We recently toured with Polica in the states. Really really mesmerising live and beautiful people. Also check out Marijuana Deathsquads and find the missing link… Will

Mmoths - Thanx

Mmoths has done a remix for us recently and we’re pretty pleased. Excited about it coming out so keep your ears peeled. Henry

Armando Sciascia - Circuito Chiuso

This is off the same Psychedelic Funk collection. It’s too good to not put a couple on here… Henry

Der Lauf Der Dinge (the way things go) By Fischili and Weiss

This is the original kinetic sculpture, Its long but I think its worth it, made in 87’ it is the influence for OKGO’s vid and the honda advert. It explores state change and repetition I like the way you can see the energy being passed on and morphing from a liguid to a gas to a solid and even fire. It serves as a reminder of the ever changing world and that really when it comes down to it everything is the same we are all part of a big wheel blah blah blah. Anyway its pretty much the best game of dominos ever! Iain

Chairlift - Amanaemonesia

We recently played some shows with them. Fun people and a ridiculously catchy tune. Will

Uknown - Moon Play

I stumbled across this on the excellent Toys and Techniques blog. Don’t know who made this or why but glad that someone did. Dom