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Andrew Bird

Love this image of Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird is one of our very favourite live acts - we’re hugely excited to have him back again later this year. We unearthed a great live clip from NPR, take a look above and get a sense of the show.

We’re hugely excited to welcome a bit of a legend to support James Yorkston. An old Peel favourite Michael Chapman will be playing some classics such as this one above. A tribute album dropped earlier in the year featuring Thurston Moore, His Golden Messenger and Lucinda Williams.

“For me, listening to James Yorkston’s music is like coming across the interesting-looking person on the fringes of a party. Before you know it, you’ve spent the evening listening to their compelling tale. In this record, I get a real sense that he has found his true voice. There’s a quiet confidence in his craft; his singing, the words and instrumentation, all blend seamlessly to produce a really affecting record.” – Philip Selway, Radiohead

Hands of Glory is a companion record to the excellent Break It Yourself by Andrew Bird. It features some of Bird’s takes on country staples and alternate takes from Break It Yourself. As if our excitement to see him later in the year couldn’t be higher, we can look forward to some new material too.

The wonderful Micah P. Hinson is in support too.

King Krule is back for another show with us. Each time we’ve seen KK it’s been very special indeed, so one we’re firmly looking forward to. He also let go of a new track called ‘Rock Bottom’, which is out on 12” on September 12th alongside ‘Octopus’. Take a listen to the song below and anticipate the show with us.

King Krule - Rock Bottom

We might use the word UNMISSABLE sometimes, but this, this is history. Skrillex, Sunday night at Shacklewell Arms.

Follow us on Twitter for the ticket link and a competition this afternoon: @eatyourownears


33 floors up, The xx play Angels live in Tokyo

Egyptian Hip Hop are back - they play for us soon. An album is forthcoming on R&S records and we couldn’t be happier about it. Since their sleek, gurgling sounds first emerged a couple of years ago we’ve been big fans, both on record and live. Take a taster of SYH, the first new thing they’re letting go so far…

We caught up with Caribou’s Dan Snaith last week and managed to pull a beautiful story about when he and Kieran Hebden of Four Tet saw Orchestra of Spheres for the first time…

orchestra of spheres are a special band. we came across them playing one of the world’s most special festivals - Camp A Low Hum - in an abandoned elementary school in rural New Zealand. i’d love to say otherwise but it’s regrettably rare that we come across genuinely inspiring unknown bands in our travels around the globe but Orchestra of Spheres were immediately obvious as one of those few exceptions. they played before us at this festival and looked and sounded like nothing else with a setup that included a gamelan and a variety of homemade electric and acoustic instruments - part Sun Ra otherworldiness, part Sublime Frequencies and part ESG. they blew Kieran, my band mates and myself away and we played the album we bought off them after the show incessantly as we drove around on the rest of the tour. later that year we invited them to travel half way around the world to play our ATP festival last December. i’ve seen several times since that first time and the magic only intensifies each time i see them. they rarely make it to these shores so see them while you can.

Orchestra of Spheres play a free (!!!) show at the Shacklewell Arms on August 23rd. Download your ticket here.