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Here’s another new episode of Field Day Radio with a couple of special features.

The show features an exclusive mix from Amateur Best including tracks from Sunbutler, Rhye, Viktor Vaughn and The Space Negros. We also turn the clocks back to 2008 for a live recording of Foals tracks ‘Heavy Water’ and ‘Red Socks Pugie’ at Field Day.

Plus there is music from Connan Mockasin, Kwes, James Yorkston, Do Make Say Think as well as Jimi Hendrix and Kanye West. Listen below.

Jimi Hendrix – Somewhere - Legacy
Connan Mockasin – Forever Dolphin Love (Erol Alkan Extended Rework) – Phantasy Sound
Kwes – Rollerblades – Warp
Kanye West Presents GOOD Music / Cruel Summer – Bliss – G.O.O.D. Music / Def Jam
James Yorkston – Woozy With Cider (Jon Hopkins Remix) – Rough Trade
Do Make Say Think – New Grass – Fierce Panda
Lead Belly – Gallis Pole – Snapper
Foals – Heavy Water (Live at Field Day 2008)
Foals - Red Socks Pugie (Live at Field Day 2008)
Ali Farka Touré With Ry Cooder – Keito – World Circuit

Amateur Best Mix
Sunbutler – Orion - American Patchwork
Rhye - The Fall – Innovative Leisure Records
Viktor Vaughn – Never Dead - Sound-Ink
The Space Negros - The Eighth Sea – Hawai

Plaid featuring the South Bank Gamelan from Ben Dowden on Vimeo.

Check out this amazing trailer for Plaid and the Southbank Gamelan Players. Really beautiful and strange, almost tribal qualities. Gamelan is a hugely underrated form of musical expression, you can hear it in so much from Dirty Projectors right through to Foals. A lot of the syncopated stuff you hear in music these days comes right from this interesting style of music.

Add the always amazing Electronics of Plaid (Warp) and the result is really something.