Thursday 17 November 2011
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SUMMER CAMP play Dalston’s finest snooker hall in celebration of the October release of their latest album offering  – and once they’ve finished playing, the party continues until 3am with Karaoke, DJs and dancing.

One of the most enduring qualities of music lies in its ability to be transportative – the very best songs can take you, almost instantly, to a specific moment in time, or perhaps a particular location, even evoke a specific emotion. It is an immutable relationship we have with the music we listen to, and it is one which the London duo of Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley, aka Summer Camp realise so perfectly, crafting twinkling, pristine pop gems which sound as though they could have been discovered in a trunk in an attic, glinting and glittering like jewels at the bottom of the sea.





Corsica Studios
Wednesday 16 November 2011

£8.50 ADV

A specially curated ESBEN AND THE WITCH headline show, their last until they return from the studio with album 2 in hand.

In their own words

We are proud to have had the opportunity to curate the followings evening entertainment. We will play for the last time in the UK this year, also performing will be two artists we are truly excited by. The Haxan Cloak, whose self-titled album is a stunning, doom-laden piece of work and Blood Music whose ferocious live shows and early material are most intriguing. In addition to this our long time collaborator and good friend Jonathan Hyde will be showcasing his photography. His work has adorned our record sleeves and inspired us in equal measure. The Quietus will be djing as well, purveyors of the finest music around.


“Instantly captivating… Like walking into a hidden attic full of ancient maps, portraits, furniture and ephemera… Romantic and gothic, a shadow of something intangible and otherworldly.”

“They channel literature, nature and sorrow to create hauntingly ethereal tales of dark, foreboding menace.” The Guardian

“Violet Cries is reminiscent of a vivid nightmare: starkly beautiful, filled with the romance of suffering, with an other worldly quality that lingers with you.”
The Times

“There is little arguing against Violet Cries being a very special album.” Loud & Quiet

“Fatalistic, seductive and quite unique.” Artrocker




One-man solo noise/drone/weird project made of hand-made percussion, cellos, violins and unavoidable-yet-escalating tinnitus



corrupted psyche noise-rock from London




The History of Apple Pie

Shacklewell Arms
Wednesday 16 November 2011
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After a packed out show at the Shacklewell Arms back in September, The History of Apple Pie are back for round two..

Brought up with Dinosaur Jr’s “Freak Scene” and the pre “Smell Like Teen Spirit” grunge boom, The History Of Apple Pie has already caught the attention of people like Tim Burgess, bands like Yuck and The Pains At Being Pure At Heart.

Single “You’re so cool” has already been danced to in the hipper establishments of East London and press like The Guardian and NME seem to be sure that they will not be “one of those forgotten indie bands”.

Here is their tour diary from the recent “The History of Apple Pie & Male Bonding” UK tour:

Plus support from OLD FOREST

”Despite only just graduating high school, barely legal noise brats Old Forest have already forged their own distinct and uncompromising sound. Borrowing from sludge groups like the Melvins and Butthole Surfers they represent a seedier side to the current 90s revival”-Sexbeat

Old Forest smother their sludgy J Mascis style guitar solos in a healthy layer of fuzz. The group take a lot of inspiration from American alt-bands of the late 80s and early 90s, which to be honest we find pretty hard to resist. Definitely one to watch.-spoonfed

Purveyors of sludge rock and massive Sebadoh and Dinosaur Junior fans. Old Forest write sludge rock, steep and steady with a sound you’d expect from three thirty somethings.- Loud and quiet


Niki & The Dove

King Krule

Corsica Studios
Tuesday 15 November 2011


Archie Marshall aka King Krule (formerly known as Zoo Kid) is soon to bring his guttural voice to Corsica Studios’ stage.

This four-piece band, led by London teen Archie, has recently played MIDI festival in France, and although the band shared the stage with some of the hottest new acts from all over the world, critics and music press have defined King Krule as one of the highlights.

These young avant-guard makers of gothic vocal melodies and sultry guitar, drenched with dub influence will be touring the UK for the first time.

You can watch the video of King Krule’s debut single “Out Getting Ribs’/ ‘Has This Hit’” released In April 2010 here:

The band are also offering up a free download of another track ‘Brain’s Dead’ on their official website:\




Anna Calvi


Monday 14 November 2011

£16.50 ADVANCE

The legend that is STEPHEN MALKMUS releases Minor Traffic, his new album with THE JICKS and announces a show at KOKO to follow in the Autumn.



Tuesday 8 November 2011


Original tickets for the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen show will be valid for entry to XOYO. If you cannot make the new date, please contact your point of purchase for a refund.
Louisiana’s GIVERS play XOYO after the rapturous reception for their debut single ‘Up Up Up’ out 1st August.


“Hyperactive, Afrobeat flecked indie-pop” Q
“Upbeat, cheerful and full of life” The Guardian
“The Louisiana 5 piece’s psychedelic Afropop is giving out some seriously good vibrations” The Independent
“Rubbing metaphorical shoulders with Yeasayer & Phoenix, while fans of Animal Collective will also find joy here… A perfectly refreshing Afropop cocktail” Artrocker
“Givers offer up techni-colour animated carnival sounds with an Afro-Caribbean beat to force you out of that armchair” Clash
“Delirious, genre hopping stuff from the joyous New Orleans band”  NEW! Magazine
“Catchy folk-pop awash with melody and charm” Music Week
“Simple, unabashed joyfulness” NME
“African polyrhythms collide with math rock, Italian pop and Cajun-flavoured beats at the infectious live shows by this amenable Louisiana collective” The Times

‘In Light’ is the blindingly appropriate name for the debut album from Louisiana’s GIVERS. ‘In Light’ was released 10th October 2011 on Glassnote. (Mumford & Sons, Phoenix, Kele, Two Door Cinema Club, The Temper Trap). Blessed with two vocalists and a million musical ideas, GIVERS are a band to fill your ears, hips and heart with uplift and sunshine.

The UK release of ‘In Light’ mixed by Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Yeasayer) followed sold-out US tours with Dirty Projectors, big-ups from Huw Stephen’s at SXSW 2011 and endless adoration for their unparalleled exhilarating live show. GIVERS debut single ‘Up Up Up’ hop-skipped and jumped its way onto the Radio 1 ‘In New Music We Trust’ playlist and was Fearne Cotton’s ‘Record of the Week’. Last single ‘Meantime’ was another classic-in-waiting, an epic 5 minute tapestry of interweaving vocals and percussion – escalating to a full on Cajun funk out. Bombay Bicycle Club and Deerhoof have both turned in exceptional remixes of ‘Meantime’.

‘In Light’ runs the gamut of all the bands influences but all the while sounding decidedly GIVERS. Louisiana’s ebullient purveyors of melody, rhythm and anomalous harmonies will be headlining their first UK and European tour this November, Zulu Winter will be joining them on the UK leg of the tour.



Tuesday 8 November 2011
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£7.50 ADV

It’s not for anyone else to decide what other young men and women should get up to in the sanctity of their own bedrooms. That said, it’s heartening to know that not everyone using the term “bedroom band” is a lazy person making bad excuses for a tossed off record.

For four, long years, Django Django have been busy doing great things in the East London bedroom slept in by their drummer, producer and de facto leader David Maclean. The result of those great things is a great self-titled debut record.

“Time gives you options, and we had plenty of that,” says Vincent Neff, the singer and guitarist who – along with bassist Jimmy Dixon and synth operator Tommy Grace – completes Django Django.

“There was no pressure on us from anyone to go away with a producer and come back two weeks later with an album,” explains Maclean. “Maybe next time there will be some svengali figure banging his fists on a desk demanding hits, but we’ve had the luxury to figure out what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it.”

The quartet, who met at art school in Edinburgh, first came to peoples’ attentions after a gradual migration to London a couple of years back. 2009’s double A-side single “Storm”/”Love’s Dart” laid the blueprint for a confident, adventurous and psychedelically-bruised strain of art-rock that melds intangible electronic flourishes to the visceral rub of live instrumentation.

The time since has been spent holed away, expanding upon that blueprint, seeing where they can push it. The impression one gets of Django Django is of a band laying down the first, meticulously measured borders on some vast map of a world that only they are privy to.

Correspondent to that, each track is like its own nation of harmonies, rhythms and textures. “We didn’t put much conscious thought into making it sound like an album – we thought we’d let any similarities between the songs come out by themselves,” explains Tommy.

What that means in practice is the swooning, bucolic Beach Boy-isms of opening track “Hail Bop” and the sterner, questing Bo Diddley beat guitars of “Life’s A Beach”. The industrious, go-getting tattoo verses of “Firewater” and the sleepy cowboy sighs of “Silver Rays”.

“Default” and “Waveforms” are future singles. The former sounds like an uprising in a Mexican gun factory, the latter The Glitter Band’s “Rock And Roll Part 2” disappearing from sight like a particularly successful Kongming Lantern.

“Music’s so mad and widespread and varied, that eclecticism’s the only way to be for us,” reasons Maclean. “That said, I think you can draw a line through all the music we’re into. It’s about creativity and experimentation and the quest to find a new sound.”

Amid all the diverse moods and ideas of Django Django (all there, perhaps, as the imagination wanders to stave off bedroom boredom?) it’s a lyric from “Silver Rays” that most capably sums up its parent album.

“We venture out into the great uncharted,” sings Neff, “go far away from any beaten track… Enjoy it now before it’s far departed, you know that once it’s gone that there’ll be no way back.”

The lyrics can be read as a desire to explore first, and a tribute to what Dixon calls their decision to “stick to their guns” when outside forces tried to convince them to forget everything they’d seen.

“A lot of people expected us to ditch our recordings and start all over again, but that was never something we wanted to do. It’s great to have a body of work – something you can point to, and say this is the story so far.”

If that’s true, then Django Django’s story looks set to be a long and compelling one. By banging together their thirst for adventure and their exacting high standards, they’ve produced an album that seems to have everything, but on which everything never seems too much.

Time to get out of the bedroom now, and let playtime begin.

Support from BULLION DJ set



Thursday 3 November 2011

£5 ADV

In between retreating to the wilds of South England to write and produce the band have found time to perform at a number of sell out show’s with the likes of Matthew Dear, Darkstar, Breton and Worship as well as joining Metronomy for his Shepherds Bush Empire show earlier this year. In addition the band remixed a counterpart E.P to their debut release and collaborated with up and coming director and VJ, Lewis Kyle White (2 Many DJ’s, Radio Soulwax, Crystal Fighters) to produce four remix videos currently being hosted online at

“I guess we would consider ourselves musicians and producers in the way we approach a track, we write the song, break it apart and build it up layer by layer, using as many new sounds and beats as possible and pushing it as far as it can go.”

Deceptively named, Duologue’s first incarnation was born from the meeting of musicobsessive’s techno DJ and beats programmer Toby Leeming and guitarist vocalist Tim Digby-Bell whilst studying in Edinburgh. Through a shared love of obscure electronica, subversive Detroit techno as well as the more usual suspects like Aphex Twin and Radiohead the pair went from bedroom experimentalists to recruiting fellow childhood and university pals Seb Dilleyston (violins) Ross Stone (bass) and Toby Lee (lead guitar) to form a fully fledged band.

‘A-B’ is a taster of this unique band’s ability to throw you in the audio tumble dryer and leave you euphoric, elated and always thinking.

Written, performed, produced and mixed by Duologue, so goes the credit on A-B the impressive futuristic electro rock infused second E.P from London based five piece Duologue. Hot on the follow up to eponymous first E.P this new release is yet further proof of this experimental bands ability to fuse audio technology with good old, fashioned heart felt songs. Melodies melt into glitchy beats and bass heavy riffs buoy up guitar solos, seamlessly soaring into crescendos of dance friendly rhythm’s all pulled together by singer TimDigby-Bells emotion ridden vocals.

“Duologue’s noise is all consuming and truly mesmeric.” i-D

“ A bracing, menacing combination that, with Digby Bell’s extraordinary voice on, results in music that is powerfully direct yet richly complex.” Sunday Times Culture

“(Duologue) ambitiously and impressively combine Led Zeppelin/White Stripes blues-rock with dub-step wobble.” Mixmag

“Duologue are an experimental quintet who doff their caps to the likes of Sigur Rós and Aphex Twin.” -The Fly




UK based producer playing folkstep



Thursday 3 November 2011


Early architects of the current chillwave scene, Brooklyn duo CHAIRLIFT’s early stated aims included making music for haunted houses, an apt intention for their ethereal sound.

Coming to the attention of the masses after their single Bruises was used on an iPod ad the band have built up a much-deserved cult following.




EYOE pub quiz

Shacklewell Arms
Wednesday 2 November 2011


Eat Your Own Ears is excited to present our first ever pub quiz at The Shacklewell Arms.

The quiz is £1 per team member.

Our quiz rounds will include:

– I heard the news today, oh boy
– Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before
– Local boy in the photograph
– Wanted Dead or Alive
– The Shackpot

Round up your nearest, dearest, smartest and most musical for this one.

Plus EAT YOUR OWN PIES – The Shacklewell Arms has started serving pie and mash, so feed your brain pre-quiz. Gravy has been medically proven to raise IQ by as much as 20 points.

EYOE pub quiz


CAMP Basement
Tuesday 1 November 2011


ZULU WINTER bring their perfect, epic synth pop to CAMP Basement.

Part of the ever impressive Double Denim stable, Zulu Winter’s airy grace and yawning guitar lines are redolent of Beach House or Deerhunter’s lighter oevre. Surely the ones to watch for end of year favourite lists.

With support from Au Palais and Deep Sea Arcade

Tickets from

08444 771000

0870 264 3333