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Clock Opera’s Ways To Forget is one of the finest records to come out this year. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them preforming at Heaven this November (tickets still available here). Earlier this month they put out a mix for oki-ni so listen up and take in another dose of perfection from Clock Opera!


Nathan Fake has been lined up to preform at The Camp Basement in London on August 30th to mark what will either be the beginning or end of summer. We are so eager to see him preform we put together a handy youtube list of hits for your viewing pleasure. So let’s take it away with our very own guide to Nathan Fake.

Nathan Fake - Outhouse

Nathan Fake - You Are Here (Four Tet Remix)


Radiohead - Morning Mr. Magpie (Nathan Fake Remix)


Nathan Fake - Stops


Nathan Fake - The Sky was Pink

Brilliant Coverage on one of our Femme Faves - Keel Her:

We were working on a piece to introduce you to Las Kellies opener Keel Her when we stumbled over this absolute gem from London blogger Botwood. We can safely say that there’s no way we’d be able to outmatch his fervent fandom and thorough back cataloging so we’re just going to re-blog him and call it a day. It’s truly is a fantastic read.


You know what, I welcome the re-emergence of the ’90s DIY scene, grunge, and Boys With Beards*. But I can safely say that if I read another blog that labelling music with slogans like ‘lo-fi pop punk’, ‘fuzzy stoner music’, or heaven forbid ‘rad’, I swear I will take a gun to my head.

You might have heard of the Four Tet all nighter that we’re putting on in November. It’s an incredible night curated by Kieran featuring some of the best electronic music we could have hoped for. Sadly the event has sold out but worry not, we have a unprecedented number of great shows to take your mind off of it. With that coupled alongside Four Tet being the behemoth of remixing that he is, we’ve put together a handy playlist of some of our upcoming shows - remixed by Four Tet.


Nathan Fake

Joe Goddard (Hot Chip)

Neneh Cherry & The Thing

Here’s a sun-dappled memory that is frozen in our memory since early June and well worth a second look. The campaign to get this going at Beirut’s Hammersmith Apollo show in September starts right here.

We’re huge fans of Francois and the Atlas Mountains and can’t wait to see them in a few weeks. Join us in appreciation and listen to their 2012 record ‘E Volo Love’ above!

Celebrating America with Twin Shadow

In just over one week we have the phenomenal Twin Shadow coming to play a (now sold out!) show at Camden’s Dingwalls. Our Californian intern has also pointed out that Twin Shadow’s UK performance lines up with American Independence Day - something he insists is “a thing.” Bringing up a war we’d sooner forget, we asked this smug American to give us the rundown on the greatest day in the USA. So come and celebrate America alongside New Yorker Twin Shadow with this guide to being a true yank.

The first thing you should know is how big of a deal Independence Day is. Americans get weird with it. It’s like your Jubilee but instead of rain drenched boats paddling in a line it’s explosives and cheap beer. Remember that awesome movie Independence Day? Basically the same thing. 

First thing you’ll need to do is get your American look. This is your chance to get glamorous. Go for the sleeveless tees and oversized cargo shorts. It’s a look that works for everyone as long as it contains some red, white, and blue. Feel free to accessorize as needed. Not getting ogled enough? Why not throw a flag into the mix? Still not enough eyes on you? Go for a bigger flag! 

Now that you’re looking fly there are a few bases to cover. A good July 4th always contains these 3 things: Overindulging, Activities that would be considered “dull” in all other settings, and blowing shit up.

Step 1. Overindulging

This is an easy one. As soon as you wake start eating and drinking everything. There’s no shortage of American obsessed restaurants in London but if we want to get into serious indulgence, the obvious choice is Meat Liquor

Step 2. Regularly Boring Activities

Step two is a little trickier. Now normally independence day involves a parade followed by feigned interest in a game of baseball with family. With a depressing lack of parades it’s up to athletics to make your authentic American day. Why not head to All Star Lanes for a round of bowling - a grim sport without All Star’s penchant for Americana and booze. 

Step 3. Blowing Things Up

Explosives mark the hardest step in making a perfect July 4th. Despite our fondness for them we’d rather not be implicated in any fireworks mishaps. Instead come see Twin Shadow for an overdose of enjoyably loud sounds and bright lights. Happy 4th of July England!

We’ve been playing In Our Heads to death since it came out and we returned to their Jools Holland performance a little while ago to view the new tracks afresh. This take on the irrepressible ‘Don’t Deny Your Heart’ is great. Can’t wait to see them later in the year.

Tickets on sale here.